Building pilot cutters

Working Sail are builders of classic wooden sailing vessels for the connoisseur, recreating boats from our rich maritime heritage and bringing to life lost traditions and beautiful craft of the past. All our boats are individually designed by shipwright Luke Powell and built using only traditional materials and methods of construction. With a hardwood backbone, solid grown oak frames, generous scantlings and fastened throughout in bronze, our boats are not only beautiful, but also posess great strength and longevity.

When the boat yard is less busy, we take a well earned rest from building and go sailing instead. You can join us aboard Agnes for trips along the Celtic shores of Cornwall, Wales, Brittany and Ireland. Sailing along our beautiful coastlines, we are always on the look out for wildlife, explore hidden beauty spots and drop the hook at remote anchorages. There are still some berths available the 2014 season for individuals and groups, for short or longer stays, both for novices and seasoned sailors. We look forward to hearing from you.



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